Beyond the Music

  • Tomadee


    Je pense qu’il parlait français originalement, donc, il y a quelque petits erreurs grammatiquales ici. Mes retouches sont en violet:

    A French artist based in Paris, Tomadee works in illustration, typography, figurative painting and collage. It’s usual to meet him in the streets of the City of Light, composing his urban works on the walls and sometimes collecting posters, the artist's favorite material. 

    Tomadee collects these torn papers, which compose almost all of his works, from all over the world. A key element of his process, he tears, pastes, and recomposes these accumulated images to create an explosive microcosm, in the image of its author. In the hectic chaos of his compositions, he brings out multiple characters, a true signature of the artist.

    From his many years working in the world of advertising, he has learned how to use the codes and languages of our time to invite us to see the world from an offbeat but kind point of view. The influences and subjects that inspire Tomadee will speak to everyone in pop culture, musical and cinematographic cultures, from the 70s to nowadays.