2021 Refund Information

We recognize we're in the midst of uncertain times right now - times that call for extra flexibility, special value, and an absolute assurance that your health and safety are being closely looked after. With that in mind, Sixthman is postponing Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Mediterranean in 2021. 

Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Mediterranean II will now be sailing August 23-28, 2022 from Athens, Greece to Mykonos, Greece and Kusadasi, Turkey aboard Norwegian Jade. 

Currently booked guests received an email on Monday, March 8th detailing how to proceed. Only the Lead Guest should make the selection and their email includes unique links for the cabin's specific reservation. 

Once receiving the email, the Lead Guest may choose how to proceed from the options below: 

  • Retain your same room for 2022 (includes bonus options exclusive for 2022 that can be found here)
  • Transfer your reservation to Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Caribbean sailing February 21-25, 2022
  • Receive a future cruise credit*, which can be used on a future Sixthman festival through December 31st, 2024
  • Submit a request for a full refund

*Any travel protection premiums purchased through Sixthman will be issued as a refund to your most recent credit card payment or via check. 

Booked guests have until August 1, 2021 to submit their request. Refunds will be processed as follows:

  • Refund requests made by March 26, 2021 will be processed within 30 days of March 26th
  • Refund requests made between March 27 - August 1, 2021 will be processed no later than August 31, 2021

Please contact our Guest Services team if you did not receive the email or if you have questions.

Looking After Our Communities has always been the compass guiding how we build your vacation experience, and that applies now more than ever. 

For a full FAQ and details of the new programs and policies, including transfers and beverage package options, please go here.